Lock Down Car Care and Maintenance

Lock Down Car Care and Maintenance

Lock Down Car Care and Maintenance So, is there anything you should do differently about car care and maintenance while on this covid-19 lock down? Can your car sustain damage by merely sitting in your garage, driveway or parking spot for a couple of months? And, maybe, is now actually a good time to take it in for some long overdue maintenance or repairs? The answers are yes, yes, and yes! Take care of your car too! During this time of not leaving the house for days or weeks at a stretch, there are a few quick easy things you

Tips for Sanitizing Your Car Against Coronavirus

Tips for Sanitizing Your Car

Tips for Sanitizing Your Car Against Coronavirus Many people mistakenly assume their car, like their home, is safe from the coronavirus. This is only partially true. Any time you venture out into public, you could come into contact with COVID-19 and carry that back into your car or home. Your car has a variety of fabrics, textures and materials. The virus stays on these surfaces for variable amounts of time, which means you need to clean each one differently. Consider this advice for proper car sanitation. In General While you may want to avoid using peroxide or bleach in your

What does OEM really mean?

What does OEM really mean?

Have you ever heard the term OEM and wondered what it meant, especially with regards to auto parts? It stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The OEM is the company that put the automobile together. Usually an OEM will purchase parts from other companies, put their name on the parts, and build the automobile that bears their name. Then, through their network of dealerships, they will sell replacement parts labeled under their name, regardless of who originally built the part. In the automotive industry, the term OEM is used to refer to these parts, which are usually purchased by the end

Why Buy Auto Body Parts Wholesale

Why Buy Auto Body Parts Wholesale

Purchasing auto body parts wholesale is a great way to get quality auto parts without having to pay a huge fortune. Buying wholesale auto body parts is a great way for auto shop or store to grow its inventory at a much lower rate. Purchasing parts in this way is much more convenient than searching multiple different locations for a certain part or looking at many different stores for the best price. In most cases, purchasing wholesale parts will also be the most cost-effective choice when compared to other options. When purchasing auto body parts wholesale, there are certain things

DIY Tips for Installing a New Bumper – Bumper replacement


A cracked or otherwise damaged bumper is a serious safety hazard and an undeniable eyesore. Your bumper should never hang, drag, or flap in the wind; if any or all of the aforementioned conditions apply, it is time to address what you may have delayed for some time: bumper replacement. Luckily, installing a new bumper is not nearly as difficult as it may seem. Here are some tips for completing your bumper replacement DIY project in a couple of hours, as opposed to having it turn into an all-day and profanity-laden exercise that leaves you with a bruised ego (and

Is there is an aftermarket parts store near me?


An out of service car is stressful. You worry about finding a reliable mechanic and how much it is going to cost. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not the replacement parts are safe and reliable. Basically, you have three choices when buying replacement parts for your car: aftermarket parts, genuine parts from the car’s manufacturer, and parts from an original equipment manufacturer. Once you read this article, you’ll be asking yourself: “Is there is an aftermarket parts store near me?” What are Aftermarket Parts? The phrase “aftermarket parts” can conjure up thoughts of dread

The Difference Between a Bumper and Fender


A Bumper or fender are body parts found on a car, truck or van. They are commonly referred to as “crash parts.” Generally, bumpers are located in the front and rear of a vehicle and are made of plastic, and the fenders are in the front of most cars, over the front wheels, and are made of metal. The Bumper is called this because normally is the piece that  gets “bumped” in an accident. A Fender fend-off debris that gets flung off the front wheels. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two common body parts.

Exactly What are Aftermarket Auto Parts Anyway?


Aftermarket auto parts are, in short, simply new parts for your car not sourced from the original equipment manufacturer, or OEM. They are generally less expensive than new OEM parts, so they are often selected for use by insurance companies, collision and mechanical repair shops, and by vehicle owners themselves as a more economical way to restore a vehicle after an accident, or simply to keep an older car on the road.

Best Automotive Accessories For Bad Weather

Automotive Accessories for Bad Weather

When bad weather hits in the fall and winter, you want to be prepared. Snow, rain and cold temperatures can cause irreversible damage to the inside and outside of your vehicle. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent this damage with the right accessories. Let’s take a look at some of the best bad weather accessories for cars and trucks. All-Weather Floor Mats In wet weather, it’s inevitable that the moisture gets inside your vehicle as you climb in and out with wet shoes. The wetness builds up and gets into your factory carpet, which eventually degrades it. However, you can prevent

Common Symptoms of a Failing Intercooler


Turbo engines put a lot of pressure on intercoolers, which is one reason you shouldn’t be surprised when they fail. For a long time, the most common reason an intercooler would fail is because of external damage, thanks to a stone or hard particles your vehicle picked up while driving, but that is no longer the case. Cars have become more efficient, and the pressure placed on these devices has too. Some intercooler problems don’t happen anymore although leaking intercoolers still occurs, it doesn’t always happen because a rock damaged it. Now, it happens because the system was just under