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Going On A Road Trip? You may drive your car every day to and from work and all around town. If something goes wrong, you’re just a short distance from a repair shop. Things are a bit different when you head out on the open road with your family or friends. Long-distance travel can really wear on your car’s engine, tires, cooling system, and electrical components. Before you start out on your trip to Yosemite, Niagara Falls, or up to the Alaska Highway, do yourself and your vehicle a big favor by following these preventative car maintenance checks. You want

How To Make Your Car’s A/C Colder

Car A/C cold

Now that warm weather has arrived, you may be using the air conditioning in your vehicle a lot more than usual. If it seems like it is just barely getting cold, there may be some issues in need of repair. Because the air conditioning system of your vehicle is very complex, there are several factors that may be reducing the cold air output. Let’s discuss how to make your car A/C colder in greater detail, below. #1: Climate Control Servos One reason why your A/C may not be getting as cold as you’d like is stuck servos. Inside your dashboard,


How Long Should Headlights Last

Headlights may seem to last forever, especially if you only have a vehicle for a few years before trading it in on a new one and never had to change them. However, like almost anything else on a vehicle, they will wear out eventually. If you start noticing that your lights are not providing the amount of light they used to, it’s a good idea to replace them sooner rather than later. It can be extremely frustrating, not to mention hazardous, driving at night with dim headlights. Headlamps are not just to help you see at night, however; they also


Your car battery is the heart of your automobile. Without a solid battery, you won’t be able to crank the starter motor or fire a spark. All your accessories and lights run off your car battery. Yet, most owners take their car battery for granted and do nothing to maintain it until their vehicle won’t even turn over the engine. In those cases, the cells are usually far too damaged to hold a proper charge. In addition, a weak battery can force the alternator to run constantly and wear out the brushes. Considering that so much depends on the life


dirty air filter

When it comes to proper fuel economy and performance, the proper combustion of fuel is the key. Your engine has various sensors to help it fine-tune the fuel-to-air ratio for maximum combustion. However, if your air filter is clogged up, you will find that your acceleration is far less responsive. It will take full throttle to really get the RPMs up because the engine has to work hard to suck in air through a clogged particulate filter. Having some basic knowledge about air filters and knowing when to change them can save you money and restore the responsiveness of your

How to Change the Oil on Your Car

oil change

You can change oil like a professional with investment in a few tools and never have to worry about paying for an oil change again. It all starts with planning, safety, and having reliable tools that make the job easier. Let’s learn how to change the oil in your car as the professionals do. #1: Invest in Tools You will need the following tools: • 3- or 4-ton automotive floor jack • Disposable latex gloves • Set of socket wrenches or box wrenches • Oil filter cap or strap • Oil drain pan • Oil funnel • Shop rags •

Why You Should Run Your AC in Winter

Run your AC in Winter

If you have ever noticed how the cold air in every automobile seems to progressively become less frigid year after year, there may be a reason for it. If you consider that many car owners only use their AC during the hottest summer months, it is easy to see how these parts can begin to deteriorate slowly from lack of usage. The reality is that automotive air conditioning systems retain their function when they are run regularly. This is because the refrigerant condenses to a liquid and stores when it is not in use. There is also oil mixed in

Tire Wear Indicators

tire wear indicators

It is critical to have adequate tread on your vehicle’s tires to ensure proper traction and to prevent premature failure. A blowout or other problems related to low tread can have catastrophic results. All tires are required to have tire wear indicators so that you can easily tell when they need to be replaced. How Treadwear Indicators Work The standard measurement for tire tread depth is in 32nds of an inch. Most new tires have a tread depth of approximately 10/32″. You should replace a tire immediately once it wears down to 2/32″. In most states, tread depth below 2/32″

The Dangers of Driving on Under Inflated Tires

The Dangers of Driving on Under Inflated Tires

Driving on under inflated tires is one of the leading causes of tire blowouts and tire-related accidents. Creating awareness of the dangers is important because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that nearly one-third of drivers may be driving with at least one low tire at any given time. Safety should never be compromised in an automobile because it not only puts your life in danger but the lives of passengers and other motorists on the road. In the best-case scenario, you will wear out the tires prematurely and merely be taxed for your negligence. However, blowing out a

How to Check You Tires for Uneven Wear

Check You Tires for Uneven Wear

If you have invested a lot of money into your tires for that comfortable ride or performance in inclement weather or on the track, examining your tires for premature uneven wear is critical to retaining your investment. In fact, even if you are driving on a standard all-season, you can take a few minutes every month to double-check your treadwear on the tires during the daylight hours and take preventative measures. Many times, you simply need an alignment, tire balancing, or adjustments to the air pressure. Letting these problems progress unnecessarily taxes your income and can reduce your safety. Let’s