Can You Put Tap Water in a Car Radiator?

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As a car travels down the road, and even as it is stopped in most cars, its engine is continuously moving. The engine generates a large amount of heat as it runs and this heat is dissipated in several ways. Manufacturers use multiple methods to release heat from an engine but a common method that most cars have is the use of a radiator. A radiator’s location may not be the same in every car but its job is typically the same, to cool down an engine. How a Car Radiator Works A car radiator is a vital part of

When Should You Replace Your Radiator?

When Should You Replace Your Radiator? Replacing your car radiator when it needs it is important to protect your car from harmful damage. Getting a car radiator replacement is imperative once you notice the signs of your radiator going bad. Read on to learn about the role of your radiator, and what to look for to see if it is having issues, and needs to be replaced. Why Is Your Radiator Important? Your car radiator is an important part of your vehicle. This cooling parts work to keep your car from overheating. Your engine generates a lot of heat, and

When Is It Time To Replace My Tires

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Wanting to know when to replace my tires is a common question most drivers have. Sporting the wrong or worn tires can literally put the lives of you and your loved ones at risk. The following is a guide on how to know when you need to replace them. Tire Tread Depth The most traditional and effective way of determining whether you need new tires is by looking at the remaining tread. Most professionals recommend getting new tires when there is 2/32″ to 5/32″ of tread depth remaining. Remember, the amount and type of tread you need will largely depend

Guide to Purchasing New Auto Parts Online Safely

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Shopping for auto parts online can feel daunting or overwhelming, especially if you have never purchased parts for your vehicle in the past. With thousands of online manufacturers and online providers, choosing the one you can trust and rely on is essential, especially when investing in a major part for your car or truck. Knowing how to shop online for the parts you need for your vehicle is a way to make your selection and purchase while feeling comfortable and confident in your decision. Consider the Type of Parts You Are Looking For Before choosing an auto part manufacturer or

Why Your Car Tail Lights Are Important

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Why Your Car Tail Lights Are Important What Functions do my Car Tail Lights Provide? The tail lights of your vehicle are often taken for granted unless they fail and an accident occurs. The safety benefits of tail lights are manifold. The red lights on the back of your vehicle indicate many driving functions to prevent confusion and to alert other motorists of your intents. They indicate braking, turning, the shape and position of the vehicle, and that there is an emergency when your hazard lights are illuminated. When you are driving in the fog, tail lights are especially important

The Right Time to Replace Your Car Headlights

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Why it is Important to Replace Your Car Headlights Car headlights are an essential safety item when driving during hours of darkness or low visibility. If you notice reduced visibility at night, your headlights may require replacement. Over time, all headlights will gradually lose their original brightness. Headlights are fairly inexpensive and should be replaced before they completely blow creating a safety hazard. You can find a wide variety of headlights for your vehicle at PartsMax. When to Change Your Car Headlights As stated earlier, you want to try and replace your bulbs before they actually fail. If you notice

What is a Car Reservoir Tank And How Does it Work

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How a Car Reservoir Tank Works Water-Cooled Engines The engine water-cooling system plays a critical role in the basic function and performance of your vehicle. Engines operate at an ideal running temperature that promotes optimal combustion and compression. In order to regulate a consistent temperature, the engine is forged with hollow passages (known as a water jacket) for a liquid coolant to circulate under pressure. When the pressure becomes too high, the radiator cap releases excess fluid and vapor into the coolant reservoir tank. This car reservoir tank holds the excess fluid and returns it back to the radiator when

The Main Parts of a Car’s Air Conditioning System

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In order to maintain climate control in your vehicle, it is critical to have at least a basic understanding regarding the main parts of a car’s air conditioning system. In addition to the main parts of a car’s air conditioning system, it is important to know how your interior HVAC system works. For, there may be times when your A/C is not blowing cold or not blowing cold enough. In some cases, the blower fan itself does not work at all. At times the servos can stick, especially on older vehicles, and mislead you to believe that you have an

What is a Bumper Reinforcement?

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Bumper Reinforcement The Disappearance of Bumpers If you’ve looked at the progression of vehicle stylings over the last few decades compared with vehicles in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, in particular, you will notice that bumpers have almost entirely disappeared. You will probably only find solid metal bumpers on a pickup truck or industrial vehicle. This is because Mercedes-Benz invented crumple zone technology that led to the belief that bumpers were kind of bad. Although the current automotive frames can self-destruct in a low-speed collision to such an extent that the car may be written off as totaled, any force

Specific Car Tire Types And Their Benefits/Weaknesses

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Here in sunny Florida, you won’t have a lot of need for snow tires. Yet, when it comes to choosing the right tire, there are still quite a few tire types to consider. Summer tires, all season tires, low-rolling-resistance tires, and tires with special tread patterns have different advantages and disadvantages. PartsMax has considered all the features and concluded what is the ideal tire for Florida weather. If you live in a colder climate, another type of tire may work better for you. Different Tire Types All-Season Tires While all-season tires are popular around the country for their versatility in