What are Bumper Valances?

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What is a Bumper Valance? A bumper valance is an auto body component that is situated below the bumper to smooth out the body lines, increase aerodynamics, and incorporate various fog lights or exhaust pieces seamlessly into the flow of the vehicle’s contours. Bumper valances are typically made of sturdy lightweight plastics and custom molded to directly fit onto each particular model. There may be variances for the same model because they have options like fog lights or different trim packages. A valance may be a substantive body component that covers a large portion of the vehicle’s subframe. In some

What is a car radiator and how does it work?

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The car radiator and how it works A coolant solution of water mixed with antifreeze (ethylene or propylene glycol) is pumped through the hollow passages of your engine block and head by a coolant pump inside the engine block. These hollow passages forged into the metal of the engine components form what is known as a water jacket. The water jacket design was engineered by Audi to provide a greater level of control over engine temperature. Your radiator is a heat exchanger that is mounted on the front of the vehicle to transfer the heat of the coolant solution into

What Is A Bumper Energy Absorber And How Does It Work?

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Bumper Energy Absorber And How It Works Automobiles today are safer than ever before. The vehicles are designed to protect the occupants during any kind of collision using things like crumple zones, crush boxes and bumper energy absorbers. These technologically advanced automotive parts like the bumper energy absorber, are designed to dissipate the force of the impact and lower the risk of people in the vehicle getting seriously hurt. This has been a welcome change for people in Miami who like to drive around in their nice cars taking in the exciting sights and sounds and enjoying themselves. Knowing their

How to recharge your A/C Condenser

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How can you recharge your car air conditioner condenser? When it comes to features in your vehicle, air conditioning is a major plus. It keeps you comfortable during the summer. If you live in one of the warmer states, it may be considered a must throughout the entire year. The last thing you want is a problem with your car air conditioner condenser. If your air conditioner stops cooling your vehicle, you may simply need to recharge your car air conditioner condenser. PartsMax can help you with taking care of your air conditioner condenser needs. How To Get Started? If

What Kind of Headlights Can I Install in My Car?

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What Kind of Car Headlights Replacement Can I Install in my Car? Headlights are essential for safe driving and car headlights replacement should be done in pairs. This is a good practice so that the bulbs have balanced usage. There are a wide variety of headlight bulbs on the market. When you decide to replace your car headlights, you can choose between the original bulb or an upgraded type. Below we will discuss the types of bulbs that are available for your vehicle. Halogen The majority of car headlights use halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs are the least expensive of the

Is it time for you to replace your car’s air conditioner condenser?

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Your car air conditioner system takes heavy abuse in the Miami heat. It is difficult to prove the value of your vehicle and find a buyer if the A/C system doesn’t work efficiently or work at all. PartsMax and its aftermarket car parts in Miami has the solution for savvy car owners who like to do their own repairs and save money. How do you know when it is time to replace your car air conditioner condenser? Sometimes the cause of a failed car air conditioner system can be as simple as a blown fuse if the interior fan is not

When is the right time to replace your car tires?

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When is the right time to replace your car tires? Owning a car requires regular maintenance and includes topping up fluids and replacing parts as they wear out, including every tire. Old or worn out car tires make it difficult for your vehicle to grip and respond to wet or icy roads. Poor tread can also cause other parts of your car to wear out faster and impact handling. Knowing whether it’s time to change a tire requires examining factors including time, climate, road conditions, and driver habits. Time Stick with the general rule of five as a baseline. Expect

How to change your car’s rear Bumper

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  Rear bumpers collision is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Sadly, in the era of smart phone’s, text messaging, and inexperienced drivers; chances are you’ve been at the receiving end of a rear bumper dent, which is an all too common reality. Damage to your vehicles rear bumper can cost you upwards of $350 to fix, so learning how to do it yourself can save you time and money. Fixing your cars rear bumper is easy and with the correct tools and a little bit of fortitude, I’ll teach you how to change a rear bumper. Whether you’re replacing an SUV

How to change your car’s radiator?

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You thought the puddle under your car was just A/C condensation until the temperature gauge went into the red. Now you’re stuck with having to fill up your busted radiator every day or paying a mechanic an arm and a leg to replace it for you. Replacing a radiator is not as tough as you think. You should be able to replace your car radiator yourself with the right tools and a bit of effort. I don’t consider this to be a major repair. Radiator replacement time should be an hour or two. Automotive cooling systems rely on radiators to

When Should You Need to Replace The Headlamps of Your Car

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Replacing your Car’s Headlight Bulbs is Key to Safety Exterior lighting has always been a critical aspect of vehicle design since the days of the horse and carriage. The need to light the path ahead and remain illuminated during night driving is one of the biggest safety issues in the industry. It is critical and in most cases a legal requirement, for motor vehicles to have proper and sufficient lighting on the road in order to both see and to be seen. Car Headlight Replacement Car headlamps are becoming increasingly integrated into the body design of the vehicle, and are