How to change your car’s radiator?

change your car radiator

You thought the puddle under your car was just A/C condensation until the temperature gauge went into the red. Now you’re stuck with having to fill up your busted radiator every day or paying a mechanic an arm and a leg to replace it for you. Replacing a radiator is not as tough as you think. You should be able to replace your car radiator yourself with the right tools and a bit of effort. I don’t consider this to be a major repair. Radiator replacement time should be an hour or two. Automotive cooling systems rely on radiators to

When Should You Need to Replace The Headlamps of Your Car

car headlights

Replacing your Car’s Headlight Bulbs is Key to Safety Exterior lighting has always been a critical aspect of vehicle design since the days of the horse and carriage. The need to light the path ahead and remain illuminated during night driving is one of the biggest safety issues in the industry. It is critical and in most cases a legal requirement, for motor vehicles to have proper and sufficient lighting on the road in order to both see and to be seen. Car Headlight Replacement Car headlamps are becoming increasingly integrated into the body design of the vehicle, and are

How to Replace a Cars’ Front Bumper

Front Bumper Replacement

  The steps to replace your car’s bumper may be more complex than you think at first if you aren’t aware of how they have changed over the years. What used to be a simple board or piece of metal bolted onto the front or back is now an advanced and feature-studded component that can contain sensitive electronics, decorative trims, and other components that have to be removed in order to replace the necessary part. Some of the many things that can be found when you go to replace a bumper include, but are not necessarily limited to: • Electrical