Keeping the front end of your automobile in tip-top shape ensures that you have a safe and comfortable driving experience

The right exterior equipment will keep your car looking great and operating at peak performance.

Partsmax Auto Parts and Accessories is a premier online auto parts retailer located in Miami, FL. We specialize in top quality aftermarket front automotive parts. When OEM parts don’t give you the options you want at the right price, it’s time to look through our extensive inventory. We carry thousands of replacement parts for every area of your car, truck, van, or SUV.

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Bumpers are your first line of defense, protecting the body and safety components against damage from impact. No matter what style, design, or materials you need, we carry a wide variety of front and rear bumpers as well as brackets, covers, hardware, inserts, molding, and trim.

Engine Covers

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Check out our cutting-edge covers. We carry a variety of vehicle-specific and universal fit engine covers in aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and plastic. Get car-show ready or be ready to pop the hood anytime and show off your power masterpiece


On occasion, you need to repair the damage from an untimely fender bender or need to update the look of your vehicle. Search our inventory to find the parts you need to bring your fenders back to life. We have a large selection of front, rear, and inner fenders, and quarter panels. You can also find the braces and hardware, moldings and trim, and fender seals to get the job done right.


Nothing gives your ride personality like the hood. Transform your car or truck from average to a sleek performance machine. Choose from engine-type, vehicle-specific, or custom hoods in flat and vented styles. We carry a large line of aftermarket hoods and accessories for all types of vehicles.


Mirrors help keep you safe on the road and make your vehicle look sharp. We stock a large number of manual and power mirrors. You can find folding, heated, lighting, and turn signal mirrors and accessories. Find interior rearview mirrors and exterior side view mirrors here.