Heated Seats - car gadget

Car Gadgets That Make Life on the Road Better

An automobile is a practical machine that makes the life of its owners much easier. While some vehicles offer a plethora of cool gadgets and accessories that come standard in their makes, other vehicles offer only the bare minimum in terms of spicing up the ride. 

When it comes to gadgets, add-ons, and accessories, a consumer wants to look at the items that can offer value in terms of functionality. Things like this will also depend on one’s geographic location and the time of the year. 

For example, a place like Minnesota is going to get mighty cold during the winter months. Heated seats are a wonderful option for those living in a location that experiences extreme levels of cold at times throughout the year. 


1. Heated Seats

Heated seats are about more than comfort. Anyone who has ever spent the winter in a cold place will understand how life changes with the season. Something as routine as commuting to and from work becomes an element that requires sound preparation. 

Heated seats not only provide comfort during the long commute but also allow the driver to focus on the road; an outcome like this is much preferred over the driver shivering down the roadways. Heated seats are a very popular vehicle add-on. 




2. Jump Start Your Day

portable jump start - card gadgetsDriving along the open road without a vision of another human for miles seems like a scene out of fiction. There is a lot of space out there, much of which is uninhabited. If one’s car battery dies in the middle of nowhere, who will jump it? A great gadget for any driver is a portable jump starter. There are many out there to appeal to consumers looking for practical car gadgets and accessories. 

Some offer more than a device to jump-start the vehicle. Many are capable to charge multiple devices through USB and other connectivity, and can even light the path with a flashlight built-in. 



3. The Fobo Tire Plus

low tire preassureThis device won’t be useful for every driver, but many of them will be impacted positively by the Fobo Tire Plus. This item finds its home on the tires and will alert a driver via Bluetooth when the tire pressure becomes low.

Manually checking the air in the tires won’t be necessary with this device that transfers readings directly to an app on the owner’s smartphone. Convenience and practicality make this gadget appealing. 




4. Protect and Organize

dog in carThose who have owned a vehicle and have pets or other passengers know that it doesn’t always take long for a vehicle to become distressed and dirty. There are products out there that serve the vehicle in more than one way.

A car seat organizer makes sense for parents and those who drive frequently. One that fits easily over the seats and doubles as a protector is perfect for those who have pets, carpool or have other passengers that may otherwise damage the surface of the seat underneath. 


People drive for many reasons. Gadgets are present to help make these experiences better. There are plenty out there that serve drivers who want to charge their phone while on the road, promote safety and expand capabilities.