The Dangers Of Lifting Engine Covers

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If you have a late-model vehicle, you probably have an engine cover. These plastic sound-insulation devices are the perfect illusion for car manufacturers to cover up their ugly messes of hoses and wires. I mean, if you really want to sell a vehicle, why not open the hood up and let everyone drool over how clean the engine bay looks. Yes, an engine bay, so clean that you can eat off it, says something about the performance and quality of its build, one would presume. However, when it comes to owning a late-model vehicle and having to wrestle with a

How to Replace Headlight Assemblies

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Burned out headlights are a repair that needs immediate attention. They not only impair driver sight distance, but they are also certain to get the attention of any patrol officer you may meet. Worse than a traffic ticket, they can cause traffic accidents. If your headlights are not working, and an accident happens, you are held at least partly responsible whether you committed any actual driving infractions or not. So, yes, replacing headlight assemblies must not be delayed. Generic Instructions NOTE: The following steps are generic in nature. This brief article does not aim to cover all the different headlight

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Headlight?

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Replacing your headlights is something that is inevitable for most vehicles. While Honda boasts that its LED lightbulbs are good enough to last for the life of the vehicle, even the assemblies themselves will dull and oxidize over time. Perhaps, this is what they mean by the life of the vehicle if you replace each sealed headlamp assembly unit for $1000 each after the 10-year mark. Types of Automotive Lightbulbs There are essentially three main types of bulbs, inexpensive Halogen bulbs that cost about $15-$20 each, pricier HID High-Intensity Discharge bulbs that check in around $100-$300, and LEDs that should

What Role Does a Condenser Play in Your Car’s A/C System?

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The condenser is an aluminum-finned heat exchanger that looks very much like your car’s radiator. While the radiator of your vehicle may circulate antifreeze and water (aka coolant) to ensure the stable operating temperature of your engine, the condenser is a vital component of your car’s air conditioning system. Rather than releasing thermal energy from the cooling fins into the atmosphere to cool down a liquid, the condenser- works to cool down and condense the vaporized refrigerant pumped in from the compressor. Because it condenses a vapor in the same manner that moisture in the atmosphere condenses as dew on

Fog Lights; When Should You Use Them

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Fog lights can be confusing for even the most experienced drivers. They aren’t just your regular low and high beam headlights, which you’re probably accustomed to. Fog lamps are specifically made for certain scenarios, all of which have to do with low visibility. Fog lights are made to use in poor weather conditions where your visibility is significantly lowered. Your visibility can be affected by dust, snow, sand, fog, or mist. These type of lamps are advantageous in that they don’t reflect in a driver’s eyes the same way that turning on your high beams will. The high glare can

Tail Lights and Brake Lights: Take Care of Them – So They Take Care of You!

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The lights on a vehicle that are perhaps the most easily ignored by the driver are tail lights and brake lights. While the other drivers behind you on the road may notice you first by your tail lights or brake lights, you may rarely think about them – out of sight, out of mind. The lights on the rear of your vehicle, however, are so important in keeping you out of trouble that they should always be the subject of any periodic safety check you make on your car or truck. The rear-facing lights are bright red, of course, and,

Tools and Supplies Needed to Replace you Car’s Radiator

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If you own a car, you need to take some time to understand it. A common part that brings trouble to most car owners is the radiator. The radiator’s repairs may include applying a simple seal or replacing the entire system. For you to carry out a successful system repair, there are some auto tools you require. Even though you might have some of the needed tools in your garage, you might be required to purchase others to complete each task. These tools are a worthwhile investment because you may use them for many years in case you need to

Can You Put Tap Water in a Car Radiator?

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As a car travels down the road, and even as it is stopped in most cars, its engine is continuously moving. The engine generates a large amount of heat as it runs and this heat is dissipated in several ways. Manufacturers use multiple methods to release heat from an engine but a common method that most cars have is the use of a radiator. A radiator’s location may not be the same in every car but its job is typically the same, to cool down an engine. How a Car Radiator Works A car radiator is a vital part of

When Should You Replace Your Radiator?

When Should You Replace Your Radiator? Replacing your car radiator when it needs it is important to protect your car from harmful damage. Getting a car radiator replacement is imperative once you notice the signs of your radiator going bad. Read on to learn about the role of your radiator, and what to look for to see if it is having issues, and needs to be replaced. Why Is Your Radiator Important? Your car radiator is an important part of your vehicle. This cooling parts work to keep your car from overheating. Your engine generates a lot of heat, and

Guide to Purchasing New Auto Parts Online Safely

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Shopping for auto parts online can feel daunting or overwhelming, especially if you have never purchased parts for your vehicle in the past. With thousands of online manufacturers and online providers, choosing the one you can trust and rely on is essential, especially when investing in a major part for your car or truck. Knowing how to shop online for the parts you need for your vehicle is a way to make your selection and purchase while feeling comfortable and confident in your decision. Consider the Type of Parts You Are Looking For Before choosing an auto part manufacturer or