The Difference Between a Bumper and Fender


A Bumper or fender are body parts found on a car, truck or van. They are commonly referred to as “crash parts.” Generally, bumpers are located in the front and rear of a vehicle and are made of plastic, and the fenders are in the front of most cars, over the front wheels, and are made of metal. The Bumper is called this because normally is the piece that  gets “bumped” in an accident. A Fender fend-off debris that gets flung off the front wheels. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two common body parts.

Best Automotive Accessories For Bad Weather

Automotive Accessories for Bad Weather

When bad weather hits in the fall and winter, you want to be prepared. Snow, rain and cold temperatures can cause irreversible damage to the inside and outside of your vehicle. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent this damage with the right accessories. Let’s take a look at some of the best bad weather accessories for cars and trucks. All-Weather Floor Mats In wet weather, it’s inevitable that the moisture gets inside your vehicle as you climb in and out with wet shoes. The wetness builds up and gets into your factory carpet, which eventually degrades it. However, you can prevent


dirty air filter

When it comes to proper fuel economy and performance, the proper combustion of fuel is the key. Your engine has various sensors to help it fine-tune the fuel-to-air ratio for maximum combustion. However, if your air filter is clogged up, you will find that your acceleration is far less responsive. It will take full throttle to really get the RPMs up because the engine has to work hard to suck in air through a clogged particulate filter. Having some basic knowledge about air filters and knowing when to change them can save you money and restore the responsiveness of your

The Dangers Of Lifting Engine Covers

Engine Cover Partsmax

If you have a late-model vehicle, you probably have an engine cover. These plastic sound-insulation devices are the perfect illusion for car manufacturers to cover up their ugly messes of hoses and wires. I mean, if you really want to sell a vehicle, why not open the hood up and let everyone drool over how clean the engine bay looks. Yes, an engine bay, so clean that you can eat off it, says something about the performance and quality of its build, one would presume. However, when it comes to owning a late-model vehicle and having to wrestle with a

What is a Bumper Reinforcement?

bumper reinforcement in Miami - partsmax

Bumper Reinforcement The Disappearance of Bumpers If you’ve looked at the progression of vehicle stylings over the last few decades compared with vehicles in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, in particular, you will notice that bumpers have almost entirely disappeared. You will probably only find solid metal bumpers on a pickup truck or industrial vehicle. This is because Mercedes-Benz invented crumple zone technology that led to the belief that bumpers were kind of bad. Although the current automotive frames can self-destruct in a low-speed collision to such an extent that the car may be written off as totaled, any force

What are Bumper Valances?

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What is a Bumper Valance? A bumper valance is an auto body component that is situated below the bumper to smooth out the body lines, increase aerodynamics, and incorporate various fog lights or exhaust pieces seamlessly into the flow of the vehicle’s contours. Bumper valances are typically made of sturdy lightweight plastics and custom molded to directly fit onto each particular model. There may be variances for the same model because they have options like fog lights or different trim packages. A valance may be a substantive body component that covers a large portion of the vehicle’s subframe. In some

What Is A Bumper Energy Absorber And How Does It Work?

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Bumper Energy Absorber And How It Works Automobiles today are safer than ever before. The vehicles are designed to protect the occupants during any kind of collision using things like crumple zones, crush boxes and bumper energy absorbers. These technologically advanced automotive parts like the bumper energy absorber, are designed to dissipate the force of the impact and lower the risk of people in the vehicle getting seriously hurt. This has been a welcome change for people in Miami who like to drive around in their nice cars taking in the exciting sights and sounds and enjoying themselves. Knowing their

How to change your car’s rear Bumper

car rear bumper

  Rear bumpers collision is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Sadly, in the era of smart phone’s, text messaging, and inexperienced drivers; chances are you’ve been at the receiving end of a rear bumper dent, which is an all too common reality. Damage to your vehicles rear bumper can cost you upwards of $350 to fix, so learning how to do it yourself can save you time and money. Fixing your cars rear bumper is easy and with the correct tools and a little bit of fortitude, I’ll teach you how to change a rear bumper. Whether you’re replacing an SUV

How to Replace a Cars’ Front Bumper

Front Bumper Replacement

  The steps to replace your car’s bumper may be more complex than you think at first if you aren’t aware of how they have changed over the years. What used to be a simple board or piece of metal bolted onto the front or back is now an advanced and feature-studded component that can contain sensitive electronics, decorative trims, and other components that have to be removed in order to replace the necessary part. Some of the many things that can be found when you go to replace a bumper include, but are not necessarily limited to: • Electrical