Why Your Car Tail Lights Are Important

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Why Your Car Tail Lights Are Important What Functions do my Car Tail Lights Provide? The tail lights of your vehicle are often taken for granted unless they fail and an accident occurs. The safety benefits of tail lights are manifold. The red lights on the back of your vehicle indicate many driving functions to prevent confusion and to alert other motorists of your intents. They indicate braking, turning, the shape and position of the vehicle, and that there is an emergency when your hazard lights are illuminated. When you are driving in the fog, tail lights are especially important

The Right Time to Replace Your Car Headlights

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Why it is Important to Replace Your Car Headlights Car headlights are an essential safety item when driving during hours of darkness or low visibility. If you notice reduced visibility at night, your headlights may require replacement. Over time, all headlights will gradually lose their original brightness. Headlights are fairly inexpensive and should be replaced before they completely blow creating a safety hazard. You can find a wide variety of headlights for your vehicle at PartsMax. When to Change Your Car Headlights As stated earlier, you want to try and replace your bulbs before they actually fail. If you notice

How to Change a Car Headlights

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Learn How to Change a Car Headlights Headlights are one of the most important safety items on a vehicle. They are typically taken for granted until they degrade in performance or blow out. How to change a car headlights is usually a simple do-it-yourself task. Although your headlights won’t usually blow at the same time, it is a good idea to change them in pairs whenever one does blow. If you live in the Florida area and need headlight bulbs, contact PartsMax. We have top quality bulbs, accessories and performance parts to fit your vehicle. The simple steps below will

What Kind of Headlights Can I Install in My Car?

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What Kind of Car Headlights Replacement Can I Install in my Car? Headlights are essential for safe driving and car headlights replacement should be done in pairs. This is a good practice so that the bulbs have balanced usage. There are a wide variety of headlight bulbs on the market. When you decide to replace your car headlights, you can choose between the original bulb or an upgraded type. Below we will discuss the types of bulbs that are available for your vehicle. Halogen The majority of car headlights use halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs are the least expensive of the

When Should You Need to Replace The Headlamps of Your Car

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Replacing your Car’s Headlight Bulbs is Key to Safety Exterior lighting has always been a critical aspect of vehicle design since the days of the horse and carriage. The need to light the path ahead and remain illuminated during night driving is one of the biggest safety issues in the industry. It is critical and in most cases a legal requirement, for motor vehicles to have proper and sufficient lighting on the road in order to both see and to be seen. Car Headlight Replacement Car headlamps are becoming increasingly integrated into the body design of the vehicle, and are