When to Replace Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are the silent helpers that allow us to better see the road by removing the debris, rain, snow, or leaves from the front (and sometimes back) window of our automobiles. Every automobile manufactured today has these blades. The design hasn’t changed much since its introduction in 1969, which proves just how valuable these small features are to the industry. However, these blades do get worn over time. Signs It’s Time to Change Your Wipers Here are some of the signs you may experience when your wiper blades need to be changed. Your wiper blades may cause low visibility

Do You Want To Save Money On Your Next Car Repair? You Might Want To Follow The Following Tips

Save money on car repair

Car repairs are an expensive investment, and it is an investment if you want your car to last longer. The question is: How can you save money on car repairs while making sure your investment remains in high-quality shape? 1) Did you know that your mechanic makes more money from the simple repairs, and not the complex repairs? I did not know that either, until now. You can make some of the repairs yourself. You just have to use a little common sense. Do you need an oil change? Do some research. Find out what you need and how to

Automotive Suspension Alignment: What it Means And Why it Matters

car Alignment

Uneven tire wear is a classic indicator that a vehicle is out of alignment but there are others. You’re driving on a straight piece of road but your car pulls to the left or right. That pulling is an indicator that your vehicle is out of alignment. A vibrating or off-center steering wheel indicate misalignment. When a steering wheel is off-center the spokes are positioned as if you are turning when you are going straight. Alignment Explained A front end alignment puts the components of the front suspension back in their proper position. Misalignment can be the result of worn


driving at night

When you are driving at night, you will want to have a vehicle that is easy for other drivers to see so that you can avoid a collision. In addition, this will make it simpler for you to see other vehicles during a rainstorm. Here are a variety of tips for better visibility while driving when it is dark. Tip 1: Keep Your Vehicle Clean By keeping your vehicle clean, it is easier for others to see it. This is important for all colors of automobiles, trucks, and vans, but an additional important part of the cleaning process is removing

Extending Your Vehicle’s Life Expectancy

It’s fair to assume that most vehicle owners want their vehicle to last as long as possible. In order to do this, proper maintenance such as keeping fluids filled and changed, keeping your tires well aired, keeping the vehicle clean inside and out, and promptly attending to needed repairs are key. Below, we’ve listed the easiest ways to extend the life expectancy of your vehicle. Keep Up With Regular Oil Changes Whether you do it yourself or enlist a professional to do so, changing your oil every 3,000 miles is critical to keep your vehicle running efficiently and preventing engine

Why Your Vehicle Could Overheat and What to Do if It Does


When your vehicle is overheating, the temperature gauge indicator will be in the red and your cluster display will light up and tell you that your engine is too hot. You’ll start seeing steam from beneath the hood and your cooling solution will be dripping or cascading to the ground below. Even after your engine finally cools down enough to be able to drive again, it may not be recommended to do so. Below, we’ve gathered the reasons that your vehicle may be overheating, what to do when and if this happens to you, and some insight into how costly

How to Check and Change Your Own Engine Coolant

Engine coolant

Like the oil, your car’s coolant needs to be changed regularly. Your owner’s manual will provide a general guideline for scheduling coolant changes. Some automotive technicians believe engine coolant should be changed every 30-50 thousand miles. Coolant Explained Have you ever seen an old movie where someone pours water into the radiator of their overheating flivver? Modern coolant is a 1:1 mixture of antifreeze and water. The antifreeze lowers the freezing point of the water to -28° F while raising its boiling point to 275° F. Antifreeze doubles as a lubricant and mitigates the corrosive properties of water. Important Safety

Everything About Clutches for Car Owners

Everything About Clutches for Car Owners

How Clutches Work and More: An Insider’s Look Into Your Car Define Clutch The engine needs something to stop and start it, seeing as how it is always spinning. That is where the clutch comes in. The clutch might be a little bit different for every car. Say, for example, you are talking about a manual transmission. The clutch is there to help the driver to release the wheels from the engine without breaking anything. How Do Clutches Work? There are times when your foot is not on the pedal. The springs will act as a pressure point on the

Everything About Fuel Economy

Fuel economy

Besides payments or insurance premiums, it’s the largest determining factor in the total cost of owning an automobile. It’s often one of the key influencers as to which vehicle people ultimately buy. A consumer in the market for a vehicle today will definitely want to know what fuel economy is, and why it’s so important. Fuel economy, better known by most people as gas mileage, is the ratio between the distance a vehicle travels and the amount of gas it uses. Gas mileage is typically expressed in miles per gallon. In addition, gas mileage is often broken out further into

4 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

4 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Depending on where you live, winter car prep may just mean turning the key. However, if you’re facing ice, snow or cold temperatures, you will need to review the condition of your car to make sure you’re not at risk of an accident or of being stranded. Tires Bald tires or tires that are too worn to hold their air pressure consistently are a serious risk in the wintertime. If you have to drive in snow, bald tires will not clear well and you will be at risk of a skid. For regions that get a lot of rain in