Car Gadgets That Make Life on the Road Better

Heated Seats - car gadget

An automobile is a practical machine that makes the life of its owners much easier. While some vehicles offer a plethora of cool gadgets and accessories that come standard in their makes, other vehicles offer only the bare minimum in terms of spicing up the ride.  When it comes to gadgets, add-ons, and accessories, a consumer wants to look at the items that can offer value in terms of functionality. Things like this will also depend on one’s geographic location and the time of the year.  For example, a place like Minnesota is going to get mighty cold during the

Tips to Save on Fuel

Save on fuel

Although today’s automobiles are becoming more fuel-efficient than ever, it is still important to take every opportunity to reduce fuel costs. You can save on fuel by changing some simple driving habits and keeping up maintenance on your vehicle. Let’s look at some easy ways to save money at the pumps below. #1: Reduce Your Curb Weight Because your vehicle weight has such a substantial impact on the power-to-weight ratio, it also affects your fuel economy. Vehicles with a high power-to-weight ratio are going to get more energy with every revolution of the engine. This means that they need less

How to Reduce Time Spent in Traffic

Reduce Time Spent in Traffic

It is hard to avoid the gridlock that occurs in most corridors around the United States during rush hour. Rush hour is a timeframe that occurs around nine to five work hours when most people are commuting. For some drivers, this can be an opportunity to enjoy their breakfast as they wade through bumper-to-bumper congestion. For others, this is the ideal time to vent some of their rages at fellow motorists who cross their path. Let’s consider how you can reduce the time spent in traffic below. Timing is Everything Although it may be hard to buck your regular schedule,


car crash

Over six million Americans will be involved in a car crash or motor vehicle accident each year. Thankfully, only one-third of these involve any serious injuries. The most common injuries after an accident are from the whiplash effect of being jerked and slammed at high rates of speed. But because the onset of whiplash does not become apparent until hours after an accident, it is not commonly noted at the scene. Let’s consider the essential steps of dealing with the aftermath of a car accident below. #1: Call for Help Even if there does not appear to be any significant

Tools for Home Vehicle Repair Success

Tools for home car repair

Have a collection of strong, sturdy tools ready whenever you need to make home vehicle repairs. Not all tools are needed for all cars, and some tools will have no use at all. Review the most commonly used tools for making home auto repairs. Tire Pressure Gauge The tires are the most important components of your vehicle. Tires receive the most damage and cause severe accidents as a result of being worn down excessively. It’s important to check your tire pressure regularly with a gauge. Certain road and weather conditions will change the size and volume of tires. These changes

Essential Tips for Driving in the Rain

Driving in the rain

Rain can create the perfect breeding ground for dangerous driving conditions, which could end with your vehicle hydroplaning out of control or your accidentally steering into something that you shouldn’t have. Below are a few tips aimed at improving your visibility on the roads during a storm and actually increasing your vehicle’s ability to handle wet conditions. Replace Your Wiper Blades Regularly Poor or outdated wiper blades can wind up smearing around grime on your windshield and failing to improve your visibility of the road and other drivers during a storm. The experts recommend changing out your wiper blades every


How to change oil filter

Keeping up with regular maintenance on your vehicle is a must if you want to feel secure in your reliable automobile. Changing your oil filter every other time you have your oil changed will remove the contaminants that have accumulated in your car’s engine over time. It’s important to have clean oil because when the motor oil is left unfiltered for a long period of time, it can start to become saturated with small, solid particles that can become very damaging to your engine. So how do you change an oil filter? Before you begin, you will need a few

Keeping Your Vehicle in Tiptop Condition

Keeping Your Vehicle in Tiptop Condition

If you’re a vehicle owner, then you have to take responsibility. That means that you have to take the time to maintain your car in a thorough and comprehensive manner. Routine car maintenance can keep you safer any time you’re behind the wheel. It can also decrease your costs substantially. If you want to be able to maintain your car effectively, then these options can do you a lot of good. Drive in a Cautious Manner No Matter What If you want to maintain a five-star car, then you should drive it with all of the prudence in the world.


car's air filter

Your vehicle’s air filter plays a large part in keeping it running properly. The air filter filters and cleans the outside air before it makes its way into your engine where it burns with fuel to create combustion. It also protects your fuel injection system by preventing debris from entering. An added benefit is that your car’s performance and fuel economy increase when the filter is clean. Some filters are disposable and must be changed instead of cleaned, but if yours is washable, it can benefit from cleaning regularly. Follow these steps to clean your car’s air filter and keep

Auto Repair Jargon You Should Know

auto repair jargon

No matter how good you are at taking care of your vehicles, you’ll probably end up having to take them to a mechanic for something big. Listening to them talk can be a confusing experience if you aren’t all that knowledgeable about the inside of your car. Most of the things that auto repair mechanics say are easy to understand if you take the time to research them. ABS This one’s straightforward. It refers to your anti-lock braking system, which keeps your car from skidding by releasing and applying the brakes as needed. Aftermarket Parts Aftermarket parts are car parts