Becoming a More Knowledgeable Vehicle Owner

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One of the best things that any vehicle owner can do is to research and learn all about their vehicles. Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your vehicle running like new forever. But because automobiles have become so specialized, it takes extensive research to figure out how to defeat the planned obsolescence and other weaknesses engineered into your vehicle. Let’s take a look at how to do that below. #1: Join a Forum for Enthusiasts One of the best methods of keeping tabs on the problems that commonly occur in your vehicle is consulting the tuner and do-it-yourself mechanic

Tire Maintenance for Newbies

Tire Maintenance

Newbie drivers have a lot of vehicle maintenance to learn, including how to properly maintain the vehicle’s tires. With the right knowledge and game plan, however, this maintenance doesn’t have to feel like such an overwhelming responsibility. There’s More Than Milage Expectancy To Consider Despite tires playing a pivotal role in everything from safety to fuel economy, their maintenance is something newbie drivers don’t pay a lot of attention. They often mistake maintaining tires as just keeping up with how many miles they’ve clocked on a set. Wrong. Original equipment tires generally have a life expectancy of 50,000 miles, and

What to do When Your Car’s Cooling Fans Aren’t Working

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A vehicle’s cooling fans serve a very important purpose; they cool the radiator and prevent overheating. If there are issues with the radiator fan, taking care of them right away will prevent serious damage. There are a few common cooling fan problems, and if your car has one or more of them, the fix is usually easy. Here, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot cooling fan problems, and you’ll also learn when it’s okay to drive without a working fan. Check the FuseWhenever an electrical component stops working, fuses are the first (and easiest) thing to check. If you’re not sure