Save money on car repair

Do You Want To Save Money On Your Next Car Repair? You Might Want To Follow The Following Tips

Car repairs are an expensive investment, and it is an investment if you want your car to last longer. The question is: How can you save money on car repairs while making sure your investment remains in high-quality shape?

1) Did you know that your mechanic makes more money from the simple repairs, and not the complex repairs? I did not know that either, until now. You can make some of the repairs yourself. You just have to use a little common sense.

Do you need an oil change? Do some research. Find out what you need and how to do it. One of the members of my family does most of the car repairs herself. She will only take a car to a mechanic if needed. How does she do it?

She learned for herself how to do car repairs, including some of the most basic of repairs like an oil filter. The point is: You can do that yourself too. You will be amazed at how much money you can save by not going to a mechanic unless needed.

2) Do some of the preventative measures on your own. Things, like inflating the tires and checking the fluid levels, is not something you need to go to a mechanic for. Most of your car repair bill is based on taxes.

Now, a worn brake pad is something you might have to go to a mechanic for unless you know how to do it. Say, for example, that you go to the mechanic for an oil change. He or she is going to charge you, maybe $50-80, depending on where you go. Once again, most of that is the taxes and price gauging.

That is why you should try to take care of things yourself unless you do not have a choice.

3) Most car parts will either have a limited or lifetime warranty. The mechanics and dealerships do not want you to know that. That is because they want more money. It is greed, plain and simple.

Look at your documents. Take your warranty with you if you have one. That is going to save you a lot of money.

4) Is your car no longer under warranty? The last thing you want is to go to the dealership. I learned that lesson, the hard way, many years ago. You will have an extended wait time. They will throw in unnecessary repairs for the sake of it. I had that done to me too.

You never tell them that you do not have much money to work with for the repair. That will give them more incentive to take advantage. Once again, I learned that the hard way too.

One Final Tip

Try to find used parts if you can. Used parts work just as well as the new ones as long as they work well.